was designed as a large filing system for keeping track of, and analyzing, information that pertains to who we are and how we got here on Earth. Most of what fills the many pages of this website was gleaned from books, and the excerpts were taken as direct quotes without editing, or if they were edited this would be indicated with ellipses ... References to the specific sources for the information are indicated by links that appear at the end of every quote.

I have attempted to approach this project with a very open mind, selecting some material that is conventionally accepted and some material that might be considered questionable by the academic community. I feel that by placing all of this information into a readily accessible form that is organized according to time, topic and location, that it will help provide a basis for better understanding our origins and experience as a species.

The menu at the top of each page depicts 13 general categories that relate to our evolution, as well as access to source material and a page where you can search the entire site for any specific information. Drop down submenus show the range of time frames that are represented by all of the pages; this ranges from the present back to several thousands, or even millions of years. Clicking on any one of the times will take you to the page where all of the collected information on that particular topic that relates to that particular time frame can be found.

Each individual page is further organized according to location, and the links at the top of the page will jump you to the place on the page where information that pertains to that location can be found. These location tags are generally arranged according to continents or regions that have been a focus for anthropological or archaeological research. Usually the page starts with globally pertinent information that is not confined to a specific region. The "Other" category includes all island or other locations that are not represented by the major locations.

To further elucidate or illustrate the text I have often included either scans of images found as part of the source material, or taken directly from open source image libraries found online.

You will notice that not all locations, or even all of the category/time pages have text inserted. This is a work in progress, and I continue to place pertinent material as I read about this fascinating area of study, and as time allows.

I am making all of this available for study because I feel that only by understanding the broad range of information available can we all make reasonable judgements about who we are and where we came from. Enjoy the process of coming to your own conclusions!

Kelly Hart