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I discovered that [Baalbek] was situated at 10 phi distance from the equator. I knew that the largest stones used in construction in the New World were in and around Cuzco, which also had been at a 10 phi latitude before the flood. Sitchin had commented upon the similarities between Baalbek and Cuzco and now we knew that both sites shared the same sacred latitude. What Rand discovered, when he measured the position of Baalbek against previous poles, was unequivocal. The position of the Yukon Pole and the Greenland Sea Pole also gave significant figures. This was when the mystical number seven showed up. During the Greenland Sea Pole Baalbek was located at 49 degrees north (7 x 7). But the real surprise came when Rand compared Baalbek to the Yukon Pole. When the North Pole was situated in the Yukon, a time that reached back almost 100,000 years, Baalbek was located at exactly 7 degrees north. (The Atlantis Blueprint)



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