Building in China

Whether it is by accident, or it is the result of some ancient geodetic survey that founded marker shrines on key longitudes that were later elaborated into monuments, the following 3-based relationships do exist: Tiruvannamalai with its Siva cult is 16 x 3 degrees (i.e., 48 degrees) east of Giza, Angkor is 24 x 3 degrees (i.e., 72 degrees) east of Giza; point 'D' is 30 x 3 degrees (i.e., 90 degrees) east at Giza. In addition, point 'D' is 6 x 3 (i.e., 18 degrees) east of Angkor and 14 x 3 (i.e., 42 degrees) east of Tiruvannamalai. So what and where is this mysterious point 'D' so intricately linked by base-3 geodesy to Angkor, Giza and Tiruvannamalai? It is a spectacular megalithic site in central Taiwan, up in the mountains where the flood survivors went - up on the Wuhe plateau of the central highlands. And not only is it 90 degrees east of Giza. An additional bonus, as I was to discover when I checked its bearings on my GPS, is that it lies almost exactly on the Tropic of Cancer, where at midday on the summer solstice a gnomon - or vertical upright - will cast no shadow. I didn't even know point 'D' existed when we started our trip to Taiwan in August 2001 - but I had asked our local contacts there to introduce us to any interesting megaliths on the island. They took us to the Wuhe plateau, where by far the most spectacular and truly monumental of Taiwan's many megalithic sites is to be found at Sao Pa, ringed by distant peaks and overlooking a river valley of stunning, simple beauty. Although folklore has it that two other megaliths originally stood at Sao Pa, only two have come down to us today. Carved in one piece out of black slate, both are classic stele or menhirs, tall and narrow, the larger 7.4 metres in height and the smaller just over 5 metres high. Both show a clean-cut horizontal groove at 'neck' level which is indeed somewhat suggestive of a neck and gives the menhirs a statue-like form. (Underworld)

We did two days of diving with Steve Shieh off Hu-ching island at the end of August 2001. The structure that he showed us consists of two immense walls, hundreds of metres in length, one running due north-south and the other running due east-west, crossing the north-south wall at right angles. At the east end of the east-west wall is a large circular enclosure, part of which has complete1y collapsed. The east-west wall is in relatively shallow water - 4 to 6 metres depth. The north-south wall starts at 4 metres depth but can be followed down to 36 metres depth. All the walls are a consistent height of 3 metres from the base to the top of the wall; however, some sections are broken. (Underworld)