Science in North America

 A piece of zinc-silver alloy embedded in a vase that was found in a mine in Massachusetts, USA... was found inside a 500-million-year-old block of coal. (Humans are Not from Earth) (Humans are Not from Earth)

A cast iron cup or pot that was found in Oklahoma, USA...was inside a 312-million-year-old lump of coal. (Humans are Not from Earth)

The "Measuring Stone." a piece of sandstone, about 5/8 inch thick, a half ellipse in shape, exactly nine inches on the flat side and twelve inches on the curve, the dotted lines in the drawing indicating the completed ellipse, which is an exact model of the mound in which it was found. Learned mathematical analysis shows this stone to have been the basis for all measurements of the great mounds and earthworks in the 0hio Valley, and that the same numbers 9 and 12 are the key numbers of the measures used in the construction of the architectural works of the Chaldeans, Babylonians, pre-Semites, and Egyptians, while the latter number remains to this day the English standard. (The Giants Who Ruled America)

The skull taken from an excavation near Cincinnati shows that these people were well-versed in surgery. It is the skull of a man who had once received a terrible blow to the side of the head, which crushed the skull, but after careful treatment recovered from the effects of the blow. Dr. Langdon, an eminent surgeon of Cincinnati, examined the skull and said that the adjustments to the parts of bone and the way in which they had healed show knowledge of practical surgery scarcely excelled at the present day. (The Giants Who Ruled America)

Evidence of mummification, however is widespread in ancient North Arnerica as the practice diffused from the Mexican heartland. "The Indian tribes of Virginia, of North Carolina, the Congarees of South Carolina, the Indians of the Northwest coast of Central America and those of Florida practiced this custom as well as the Incas. (They Came Before Columbus)