Science in Africa


Carbon dating of the prehistoric and abandoned mines in South Africa places their most recent period of activity at least as far back as 100,000 BC. (Gods, Genes, and Consciousness)

...the word yard meant originally a rod of wood or a stick: the stick the builder carried with him and also the surveyor. The Spanish word vara has the same meaning and in varying parts of Spain and America possesses the following lengths in feet: 2.766 Burgos; 2.7425 Madrid; 2.749 Mexico; 2.778 Texas and California; 2.75 Peru (The God-Kings & the Titans)

...the Dogon have four different kinds of calendar. Three of them are liturgical calendars: a solar calendar, a Venus calendar, and a Sirius calendar. Their fourth is an agrarian one and is lunar. The: Dogon know of the existence of four other invisible heavenly bodies besides Sirius B and its possible companions in the Sirius system. These other four bodies are in our own solar system. For the Dogon know of the major 'Galilean' moons of Jupiter. (The Sirius Mystery