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…the artifact known as the Ishango bone found near Lake Edward in Central Africa and dated at 8,500 years ago demonstrates humans lived a time-factored life. Its notations relate to moon phases; they are "intellectual" material and not art. (Gods, Genes, and Consciousness)

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Mallery made the even more astonishing claim that the British Museum had sent some iron tools from Egypt to a metallurgist and was 'astounded to find out that the ancient Egyptians were using powdered metallurgy', a process that involves heating the metal to a temperature where it vaporises, after which it condenses in the form of a powder. The Egyptians obtained these temperatures, Mallery contended, by 'the same processes that made our atomic bomb possible'--atomic fission--'so 5,000 years ago the Egyptians were using the same processes that we thought we had discovered today to make the atom bomb'. Mallery added that 'the timing of the process agrees with the timing of the ancient maps'--in other words, perhaps 6,000-7,000 BC. Mallery was also convinced that he had found gold that was 100 per cent pure. (The Atlantis Blueprint)

In her landmark study The Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt Sellers sets out persuasive astronomical and textual evidence to show that the prehistoric Egyptians - at least as far back as 7300 BC - had observed and tracked the slow precessionally induced changes that constantly relocate the cosmic 'address' of the constellation of Orion. And she argues that, although political unity was credited to Menes, there was a much older notion of the 'Unification' based not on events on earth but those observed in the sky...Indeed, she goes so far as to claim that Menes merely brought to fruition a very ancient and archetypal vision of cosmic duality which so perfectly harmonized with the mentality of the ancient Egyptians 'as to appear both inevitable and perennial': 'A dual monarchy united under the rule of one was a form that came from the mists of distant antiquity. It was a form that had been created for gods in the heavens, and how inevitable it was that an imitation of the cosmic order should prevail for men on earth.' (Keeper of Genesis)

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