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Spread effectively by military might and trade buttressed by modern shipping and European religious/political institutions, supernatural Christianity--the European flag-bearer of the YHVH tradition--took over both American continents, Australia, large sections of Africa, and much of Asia. As a result of the modern era of colonization, this supernatural religion and its assumptions about reality have been insinuated into almost all cultures on the planet. (Gods, Genes, and Consciousness)

The discovery of lost documents like the Sumerian and other pre-biblical texts, the Nag Hammadi library, and the Dead Sea Scrolls (which were not available to the church when it attempted to rewrite history) has finally confirmed the "secret" guarded by these groups: descriptions of tangible gods that would reveal the artifice of supernaturalism. (Gods, Genes, and Consciousness)

The earliest Freemasons (meaning they were not subjects of any so-called "divine king") apparently established as core priorities: the search for increasing knowledge of the universe; recognition of the worth of the individual; the practice of self-determination over god-oriented, autocratic government; and social equality. They believed people should rise to positions of leadership on the basis of effort instead of through family bloodlines. Through the late 1700s and the early 1800s, Masons, dedicated to these values helped shape the institutions of the new United States of America. These values are now mainly implicit in Masonic lesson ritual, and practice. (Gods, Genes, and Consciousness)

Rosicrucians: This group's origins go back to the Egyptian well of knowledge; (in the Enki-controlled sector of the Anunnaki colony) that fed Freemasonry. Its official history links the group to the pharaoh popularly known as Akhnaten, who attempted to counter god-cult worship by focusing on celebration of the natural power of the Sun. Under various guises over the centuries, the brotherhood of the Rosicrucian order has promoted expansion of human consciousness, self-healing, scientific research, and support for the foundations of a civil society. Rosicrucians have been an important bastion of naturalism in a supernatural world, promoting independent human development and self-responsibility. (Gods, Genes, and Consciousness)

…with the discovery of the Nag Hammadi Codices (loose documents bound together) in 1945 and the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947, the charade was exposed. In addition, the recent piecing together of the putative lost "Q" gospel counters the assumption that Jesus himself had promoted the founding of a supernatural religion. (Gods, Genes, and Consciousness)

In order to look at our god-filled past and present more realistically, we must begin with two processes. The first requires self-release from the delusion (held by a vast majority of humans) that a limited notion of the universe's supreme power and purpose, based on one historical god, is the true one. The second requires the psychological healing of the dysfunctional complexes…left over from an era of god worship and dependency. We need to address the reasons for our suppression of the god-human dimension and ask why we have not yet purged our collective consciousness of its "colonized mentality."(Gods, Genes, and Consciousness)

If humans choose to stay intellectually and emotionally stuck on centuries-old misinterpretations of encounters with other conscious beings, they will fail to realize their own potential and Earth will likely remain a backwater society in our galaxy. Freud stated the same conclusion in his own way. "I shall assert the view that civilization runs a greater risk if we maintain our present attitude to religion than if we give it up."(Gods, Genes, and Consciousness)

The remarkable modern capacity for differentiation and discernment that has been so painstakingly forged must be preserved, but our challenge now is to develop and subsume that discipline in a more encompassing, more magnanimous intellectual and spiritual engagement with the mystery of the universe. Such an engagement can happen only if we open ourselves to a range of epistemologies that together provide a more multidimensionally perceptive scope of knowledge. To encounter the depths and rich complexity of the cosmos, we require ways of knowing that fully integrate the imagination, the aesthetic sensibility, moral and spiritual intuition, revelatory experience, symbolic perception, somatic and sensuous modes of understanding, empathic knowing. Above all, we must awaken to and overcome the great hidden anthropocentric projection that has virtually defined the modern mind: the pervasive projection of soullessness onto the cosmos by the modern self’s own will to power. (Cosmos and Psyche)

Writing in the 1930s Pratt stated that in the Dwapara Yuga "...man gains a comprehension of the electrical attributes, the finer forces and more subtle matters of creation." And that "...his mind has arisen from the grave of belief in materialism, and he now understands that all matter, atomic form, is in the last analysis nothing but expressions of energy, vibratory force, electrical attributes." After the Dwapara Yuga or Electrical Age, comes the Treta yuga, the age of magnetism and supposed unimaginable mental powers, an age when man overcomes the "illusion of time." (Lost Star of Myth and Time)

I see many cracks developing in conventional, mainstream, status quo thinking, and as these cracks widen to form chasms, a new paradigm is emerging. This is a paradigm of interconnectedness, a paradigm of cooperation, a paradigm that transcends mere materialism, a paradigm of complexity where consciousness and spirit play a vital role. (Forgotten Civilization)



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The events of 1994-95 brought to an end the prophesied 'Age of Darkness' during which the teachings were 'hidden'. These events also provide a back-baring for what happened to the Maya during the 9th and 1Oth centuries which saw the sudden and enigmatic decline of their southern civilization, its later, northern restoration, and the 16th-century conquest of the Maya and their conversion to Christianity. The fate of an entire and sophisticated civilization describes cycles of resurgence and decline, and the same pattern recurred in the final decade of the 20th century when, after 500 years of darkness, the Maya gathered together once more to carry their wisdom to the world. (The Mayan Prophsies for 2012)

The core subject of the prophecy is the return of the 'initiates of the future' to the sacred land of the Maya. The responsibility of this new generation of Masters is to point the way that will enable people to experience 'cosmic wisdom' and to continue the work of the 'Great Spirit'. There is, however, one crucial new element in the fulfilment of this prophecy. The teachers will not be drawn exclusively from the Maya. Initiates will be taken from a cross-section of people of all cultures and religions, from both the young and the old regardless of sex, race or class. Their main concern will be to redress the problems caused by the failure of our society to meet its educational ideals and responsibilities, and to correct the extent to which the negative influences of a materialistic education, technology, and the overuse of the planet's natural resources, have restricted our spiritual development. (The Mayan Prophsies for 2012)

This prophecy of the return of Quetzalcoatl has a dimension that lies beyond the myth; it speaks of a resurgence of the kind of energy used in kundalini meditation that will take many creative forms. Thus 'return' can be read as a 'resurgence' of a fire-like spread of energy and the transformation of consciousness that leads, in turn, to the individual transcending an earthbound, materialistic way of life. In Mayan mythology it is the cycles of Venus that signal the return of Kukulcan/Quetzalcoatl, and the consequent expanding or unfolding of human consciousness. According to the prophecy, Kukulcan promised he would return after 'five full cycles of the dawn star', that is, Venus as the Morning Star. It is to be noted that the galactic synchronization of December 2012 will be preceded by a transit of Venus on 6 June. (The Mayan Prophsies for 2012)

...Pacal Votan is the 'Closer of the Cycle', and his prophecies point to the end of the current World Age in 2012. The prophecies are not of a terminal catastrophe, but of an evolving Earth and of a spiritual evolution of the people who inhabit it. He anticipated the extreme materialism of our age, the damage that would be caused to the Earth's biosphere by uncontrolled technology, and the deep spiritual harm that would be inflicted by humanity's separation from Nature and natural laws. His prophecies warn us that, as the katuns roll by towards 2012, our estrangement from nature will become one of humanity's greatest problems. (The Mayan Prophsies for 2012)

The prophecy concerns huge energies to be released as a result of a conjunction of planets that takes place every 26,000 years. The event, which will occur at the winter equinox, 21 December, 2012, is called 'galactic synchronization'. The Earth and the solar system will be in conjunction with the rest of the universe and the plane of our solar system will be exactly in line with the plane of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The prophecy tells us that this synchronization marks the end of our old World Age, and the birth of a new one. (The Mayan Prophsies for 2012)

We are currently moving towards the end of the Fifth Sun, its period marked by the beginning and end dates of the Long Count Calendar, that is, 13 August 3114 BC, and 21 December 2012 AD, a period of 5,126 years. It is the longer, approximately, 26,000-year period of the Five Suns with which precession is concerned, the termination of which will return the galaxy to the conjunction observed at the beginning of the First Sun. The Maya thought of each Sun as a World Age, or 'creative cycle'. Contemporary Mayan timekeepers in Guatemala offer an alternative chronology, teaching that we are coming to the end of the fourth cycle, with the fifth starting 21 December 2012. Astronomically, the principle is the same, as is the implication of the prophecy, namely that our old world is passing away, and we are rapidly approaching the moment when a new world, or World Age, will be born. What will actually happen is that at sunrise on 21 December 2012, the Sun forms a conjunction with the galactic centre of the Milky Way and the plane of the Sun's path, or ecliptic which crosses the Milky Way at the constellation of Scorpio. Thus, the planet Earth and the solar system will come into galactic conjunction with the rest of the universe. (The Mayan Prophsies for 2012)

The prophecy, associated with the cycles of the Moon's phases in the final katun ending in 2012, carry a message that is less than positive. The Moon's own character of deceitfulness, promiscuity and unpredictability, suggests events that will both surprise and challenge us. The Moon's association with water implies periods of disastrously destructive flooding. The familiar image of the 'man in the Moon' is seen by the Maya as the 'rabbit in the Moon' which carries the link with drunkenness, and thus of a humanity intoxicated with, for example, materialism, but in search of deeper satisfaction and contentment. In sharp contrast, the Moon's relationship to childbirth suggests a more positive outcome, perhaps the emergence of a new, sensitive and more cosmically conscious humanity. (The Mayan Prophsies for 2012)

Venus was believed to be a manifestation of Quetzalcoatl. It is a graphic image, since the god had sacrificed himself by plunging into the fire, as Venus seemingly does when it transits the Sun. In the mythology, Quetzalcoatl becomes the planet Venus and its appearances and reappearances are a figure of the birth-death-rebirth cycle. Thus prophecies associated with the return, or second coming, of Quetzalcoatl are linked to the cycles of Venus. The Mayan elders understand that we are, at present, between worlds, and that during this 'apocalyptic' period two things will happen. The first is that new truths will be revealed through the rediscovery of Mayan wisdom and the second is that we will have the chance, both individually and collectively, to re-order our priorities, and by arriving at and effecting the right decisions, resolve the problems facing planet Earth. It is prophesied that as we move towards 2012, it will become increasingly apparent that the various races, religions, and classes that divide us, mask an essential unity, and that despite the conflicts, people will be drawn closer together. The prophecy emphasizes that only by realizing our inherent unity can the problems now facing both our planet and our civilization be solved. (The Mayan Prophsies for 2012)

The astronomical transition leading to galactic synchronization which, according to the Mayan calendar, we are now undergoing, will move us from the 'Age of Belief' to the 'Age of Knowledge'. The result of this enlightenment is that we shall begin to understand, as did the Maya, that 'gods' represent the forces of nature and human feelings and emotions, and that myth has the power of concrete reality; that both the spiritual and the material are scanned by the senses in exactly the same way as are the incalculable dimensions of space and time; that the 'way to the stars' is not therefore conceived by an excess of imagination, but perceived as a path followed by the senses, that is through every 'sensible' category by which a human being lives. (The Mayan Prophsies for 2012)

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