Legends around 14,000 BC

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Not only southwest Europe but "Libya [North Africa to the Greeks] up to the borders of Egypt" was said to be under Atlantic control before the war (Timaeus 25). (Plato Prehistorian)

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Indus Valley

 …Tamil traditions that speak of three episodes of flooding in the millennia preceding the supposed foundation date of the First Sangam: The first great deluge took place in 16,000 BC...The second one occurred in 14,058 BC when parts of Kumari Kandam went under the sea. The third one happened in 9564 BC when a large part of Kumari Kandam was submerged. There are curious echoes here of the yuga system at the heart of the Dwarka story, on the one hand, and of the Vedic notion of the pralaya - the global cataclysm that recurs at the end of each world age - on the other: In both cases we must envisage an antediluvian civilization of high spiritual and artistic achievement and a group of sages - the Seven Rishis in the case of the Vedas, the members of the' Academy' in the case of the Tamil texts - who gather to serve the interests of knowledge and to provide an archive or repository for poetic and religious compositions. In both cases a cataclysm in the form of a global flood intervenes, swallowing up huge areas of land and destroying the antediluvian civilization. In both cases survivors repromulgate the ancient knowledge in the new age - which is portrayed as a decline from the age before - forming a new group of Seven Rishis or a new Sangam suitable to that age. (Underworld)





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The Australian Aborigones offer a wonderful subject for meditations on the nature of humanity. Consider: these people lived in what may have been nearly complete isolation for more than 40,000 years in an ecologically diverse continent, and when first encountered by Europeans in the 17th century, their technology hardly approached the sophistication of the Neanderthals: just simple stone tools and rudimentary wooden implements; and yet they evolved a kinship system and cosmology that most graduate students in anthropology have struggled to comprehend in all its complexity--and probably never do. (Patterns in Prehistory)