History around 4,000 BC

The Globe

Geographer and cultural historian James DeMeo has presented substantial proof that our ancient forebears living in a more natural world were nonviolent and far more social and loving than most humans are today. He writes, "With very few exceptions, there is no clear and unambiguous evidence for warfare or social violence on our planet Earth prior to around 4000 BC and the earliest evidence appears in specific locations, from which it firstly arose, and diffused outward over time to infect nearly every corner of the world." (Gods, Genes, and Consciousness)



Southwest Asia

 “When the royal scepter was coming down from heaven, the august crown and the royal throne being already down from heaven he [the king] regularly performed to perfection…laid the brick of those cities in pure spots. These cities, which had been named by names, and had been allotted half-bushel baskets, dredged the canals, which were blocked with purplish wind-borne clay, and they carried water. Their cleaning of the smaller canals established abundant growth.” These descriptions and instructions come from what has been referred to as the “First Farmer’s Almanac”: Keep a sharp eye on the opening of dikes, ditches and mounds [so that] when you flood the field the water will not rise too high in it.” With strict attention to detail the instructions go on: “Let the pickax wielder eradicate the ox hooves for you [after weeding and] smooth them out…[These are] the instructions of Ninurta, the son of Enlil.” (The Genesis Race)



Indus Valley






South America




North America