Governance around 16,000 BC


The archaeological record shows that a single culture, the Iberomaurusian, occupied the Maghreb region of North Africa from around 18/16,000 to 8,000 BC, during which time similar assemblages were to be found as far east as the Haua Fteah cave on the Cyrenaican coast. Not quite up to Egypt, but the proximity of Iberomaurusian deposits to the present coastline has suggested to investigators that many sites may have been drowned in the postglacial seas. (Plato Prehistorian)

Southwest Asia



If the ancestors of the Watchers really were linked with the long­headed, aristocratic race of Pre dynastic Egypt, then what more was there to learn about this unknown culture? Could they really have been the Shemsu-Hor, the Companions of Horus, who had supposedly ruled Egypt for a staggering 13,420 years before the reign of its first Pharaoh? I found it intriguing that even before these mythical personages supposedly ruled the country, the Turin king­list speaks of Egypt as being the domain of the ntr, a term meaning, quite literally, the 'gods'. Furthermore, acting as intermediaries between the ntr-gods and mortal kind had been the Urshu, or 'Watchers', a race of supposedly 'divine beings' comparable to the Shemsu-Hor. (From the Ashes of Angels)

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