Clothing around 16,000 BC

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Mammoths, horses, and many other animals were hunted by these upper Paleolithic peoples, but the reindeer was the staff of life: at many sites 99% of all animal bones found belonged to reindeer; hides provided clothing and coverings for shelters. (Patterns in Prehistory)

One of the most amply documented Upper Paleolithic cultures in eastern Europe is the Kostenski-Bershevo culture centered in the Don River Valley, about 470 kilometers southeast of Moscow. About 25,000 to 11,000 years ago, numerous wolf and fox bones at these sites probably reflect the hunting of these anilmals for their fur for clothing. (Patterns in Prehistory)

Bone needles have also been found, pointing to the use of fitted clothing, quite useful in a near glacial climate. (Before the Pharaohs)

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