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America Before

by Graham Hancock, St. Martin's Press, 2019

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America:
The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up

by Richard J. Dewhurst, Bear & Company, 2014

The Anunnaki Connection:
Sumerian Gods, Alien DNA, and the Fate of Humanity

by Dr. Heather Lynn, New Page Books, 2020

The Ark Before Noah:
Decoding the Story of the Flood

By Irving Finkel, Anchor, 2014

Atlantis Beneath the Ice:
The Fate of the Lost Continent

by Rand and Rose Flem-Ath, Bear & Company (2012)

The Atlantis Blueprint:
Unlocking the Ancient Mysteries of a Long-Lost Civilization

by Colin Wilson and Rand Flem-Ath, Delta (2002)

Awakening in the Dream:
Contact with the Divine

by David Wilcock, Dutton (2021)

Babylonian Life and History

by E.A. Wallis Budge, Barnes & Noble (2005)

Before the Pharaohs:
Egypt's Mysterious Prehistory

by Edward F. Malkowski, Bear & Company (2005)

Before the Pyramids:
Cracking Archaeology's Greatest Mystery

By Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, Watkins (2011)

The Bible Unearthed:
Archaeology's New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts

by Neil Asher Silberman and Israel Finkelstein, Touchstone (2002)

Black Genesis:
The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt

by Robert Bauval & Thomas Brophy, Bear & Company (2011)

The Book of Genesis Illustrated by R. Crumb

by R. Crumb, W. W. Norton & Company (2009)

The Case for God

by Karen Armstrong, Random House (2009)

Children of a Living Universe:
Discovering Our Legacy Will Change Our Future

by Paul Von Ward, Hampton Roads Publishing (2014)

Civilization One:
The World is Not as You Thought it Was

by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, Watkins (2010)

Climate Change in Prehistory:
The End of the Reign of Chaos

by William James Burroughs, Cambridge University Press (2005)

Cosmos and Psyche:
Intimations of a New World View

by Richard Tarnas, Plume (2007)

The Crystal Sun:
Rediscovering a Lost Technology of the Ancient World

by Robert Temple, Century/Souvenir Press (2000)

Decoding Rig-Veda:
For the Knowledge of Science

by Radhika Raman Sinha, Robertson Publishing (2009)

Description, Translation and Explanation of Babylonian, Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, Ugaritic, Anunnaki and Phoenician Cylinder Seals, Slabs, Inscriptions of Mesopotamia and Ancient Civilizations

by Maximillien de Lafayette, Times Square Press (2011)

The Divine Spark:
Psychedelics, Consciousness, and the Birth of Civilization

Edited by Graham Hancock, Disinformation Books (2015)


The End of Days:
Armageddon and Prohecies of the Return

by Zecharia Sitchin, Harper (2008)

Explanation of Sumerian and Assyrian Tablets, Slabs and Seals and Translation ofe Cuneiform Inscriptions

by Maximillien de Lafayette, Times Square Press (2014)

Finding Darwin's God:
A Scientist's Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution

by Kenneth R. Miller, Harper Perennial (2007)

Fingerprints of the Gods

by Graham Hancock, Three Rivers Press (1996)

The First Americans:
In Pursuit of Archaeology's Greatest Mystery

by James Adovasio and Jake Page, Modern Library (2003)

Forbidden History:
Prehistoric Technologies, Extraterrestrial Intervention, and the Suppressed Origins of Civilization

edited by J. Douglas Kenyon, Bear & Company (2005)

Forgotten Civilization:
New Dicoveries on the Solar -Induced Dark Age

by Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., Inner Traditions (2021)

From the Ashes of Angels:
The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race

by Andrew Collins, Bear & Company (2001)

Frozen Earth:
the Once and Future Story of Ice Ages

by Doug Macdougall, University of California Press, 2013

Gateway to Atlantis:
The Search for the Source of a Lost Civilization

by Andrew Collins, Basic Books, 2002

The Genesis Race:
Our Extraterrestrial DNA and the True Origins of the Species

by Will Hart, Bear & Company (2003)

A Gift From The Stars:
Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races

by Elena Danaan, Independent (2020)

The Giza Death Star

by Joseph P. Farrell, Adventures Unlimited Press (2002)

The Giza Power Plant:
Technologies of Ancient Egypt

by Christopher Dunn, Bear & Company (1998)

Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods:
The Temple of the Watchers and the Discovery of Eden

by Andrew Collins, Bear & Company (2014)

God Against The Gods:
The History of the War Betwseen Monotheism and Polytheism

by Jonathan Kirsch, Penguin Books (2005)

The God-Kings and the Titans:
The New World Ascendancy in Ancient Times

by James R. Bailey, St. Martins Press (1973)

God Games:
What Do You Do Forever?

by Neil Freer, Book Tree (1999)

Gods, Genes, and Consciousness:
Nonhuman Intervention in Human History

by Paul von Ward, Hampton Roads Publishing Company (2004)

Gods of the Cataclysm:
A revolutionary investigation of man and his gods before and after the Great Cataclysm

by Hugh Fox, Dorset Press (1981)

The Great Transformation:
The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions

by Karen Armstrong, Anchor (2007)

Hamlet's Mill:
An Essay Investigating the Origins of Human Knowledge And Its Transmission Through Myth

by Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechen, Nonpareil Books (2014)

Heaven's Mirror:
Quest for the Lost Civilization

by Graham Hancock and Santha Faiia, Three Rivers Press (1998)

The Hidden History of the Human Race

by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson, Bhaktivedanta Book Publishing (1999)

Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin's Theory

by Michael A. Cremo, BBT Science (2003)

Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence

by Ellis Silver, Ideas4Writers (2017)

The Hyram Key:
Pharoahs, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus

by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas (1996)

In the Footsteps of Eve:
The Mystery of Human Origins

by Lee R. Berger and Brett Hilton-Barber, Adventure Press (2000)

The Incas

by Pedro Cieza De Leon, University of Oklahoma Press (1959)

Incidents of Travel in Central America:
Chiapas and Yucatan

by John L. Stephens, Dover Publications (1969)

Last of the Pharaohs

by Ralph Ellis, Adventures Unlimited, 2002

Keeper of Genesis:
A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind

by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, William Heinemann LTD (1996)

Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art

by Rebecca Wragg Sykes, Bloomsbury Sigma (2020)

The Land of Osiris

by Stephen Mehler, Adventures Unlimited Press (2002)

The Lost History of Ancient America

Edited by Frank Joseph, New Page Books (2016)

Lost Star of Myth and Time

by Walter Cruttenden, St. Lynn's Press (2005)

Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt

by Christopher Dunn, Bear & Company (2010)

Magicians of the Gods

by Graham Hancock, Thomas Dunne Book for St. Martin's Griffin (2017)

The Mayan Code:
Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind

by Barbara Hand Clow, Bear & Company (2007)

Maya Cosmos:
Three Thousand Years on the Shaman's Path

By David Freidel, Linda Schele, and Joy Parker, William Morrow & Company (1995)

The Mayan Prophecies for 2012

by Gerald Benedict, Watkins (2008)

The Meaning of Masonry

by W. L. Wilmshurst, Gramercy (1995)

The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye:
Alchemy and the End of Time

by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges, Destiny Books (2003)

Mysterious Civilization Builder of Gunung Padang

by Adhitya Dwipayana Raspati, Kindle, 2022

The Mystery of Skara Brae:
Neolithic Scotland and the Origins of Ancient Egypt

by Laird Scranton, Inner Traditions (2016)

Noah's Flood:
The New Scientific Discoveries About The Event That Changed History

by William Ryan and Walter Oitman, Simon & Shuster (2000)

Notes from the Holocene:
A Brief History of the Future

by Dorian Sagan, Chelsea Green Publishing (2007)

Olmec Archaeology and Early Mesoamerica

by Chistopher Pool, Cambridge University Press (2007)

The Origin of the Name of God and His True Edentity

by Maximeillien De Lafayette, (2014)

Our Cosmic Ancestors

by Maurice Chatelain, Light Technology Publishing (1988)

Our Solarian Legacy:
Multidimensional Humans in a Self-Learning Universe

by Paul Von Ward, Hampton Roads Publishing (2001)

The Past in Perspective:
An Introduction to Human Prehistory

by Kenneth L. Feder, Oxford University Press (2016)

Path of the Pole

by Charles H. Hapgood, Adventures Unlimited Press (2015)

Patterns in Prehistory:
Humankind's First Three Million Years

by Robert J. Wenke and Deborah I. Olszewski, Oxford University Press (2006)

Plato Prehistorian:
10,000 to 5000 B.C. Myth, Religion, Archaeology

by Mary Settegast, Lindisfarne Books (2000)

Point of Origin:
Gobekli Tepe and the Spiritual Matrix for the World's Cosmologies

By Laird Scranton, Inner Traditions (2015)

Primal Myths:
Creation Myths Around the World

by Barbara C. Sproul, HarperOne (1979)

Primitive Mythology
(The Masks of God)

by Joseph Campbell, Penguin Books (1991)

The Rocks Don't Lie:
A Geologist Investigates Noah's Flood

by David R. Montgomery, W.W. Norton & Company (2013)

Sacred Geometry of the Earth
The Ancient Matrix of Monuments and Mountains

by Mark Vindler and Catherine Young, Inner Traditions (2016)

The Sacred Science of Ancient Japan

by Avery Morrow, Bear & Company (2014)

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

by Yuval Noah Harari, Harper Perennial, 2018

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors

by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan, Ballentine Books (1993)

The Secret of the Incas:
Myth, Astronomy and the War Against Time

by William Sullivan, Crown (1996)

Serpent in the Sky:
The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt

by John Anthony West, Quest Books (1993)

A Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

by John J. Collins, Fortress Press (2018)

The Sign and the Seal:
The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant

by Graham Hancock, Touchstone (1993)

The Sirius Mystery

by Robert Temple (Destiny Books, 1998)

Species with Amnesia:
Our Forgotten History

by Robert Sepehr, Atlantean Gardens (2015)

The Sphinx Mystery:
The Forgotten Origins of the Sanctury of Anubis

by Robert Temple, Inner Tradtions (2009)

Spirits in Stone:
The Secrets of Megalithic America

by Glenn Kreisberg, Bear & Company (2018)

Stone Circles:
A Mdern Builder's Guide to the Megalithic Revival

By Rob Roy, Chelsea Green Publishing (1999)

The Temple in Man:
Sacred Architecture and the Perfect Man

by R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, Inner Traditions (1981)

They Came Before Columbus:
The African Presence in Ancient America

by Ivan Van Sertima, Random House (2003)

The Third Champanzee:
The Evolution and Future of the Human Animal

by Jared M. Diamond, Harper Perennial (2006)

Architect of the Universe

by Ralph Ellis, Adventures Unlimited Press (2002)

Timaeus and Critias

by Plato, Penguin Classics (2008)

The 12th Planet:
Book I of the Earth Chronicals

by Zecharia Sitchin, Harper (2007)

The Return of Quetzalcoatl

by Daniel Pincheck, TarcherPerigree, (2007)

The Mysterious Origins of Civilization

by Graham Hancock, Three Rivers Press (2003)

Uriel's Machine:
Uncovering the Secrets of Stonehenge, Noah's Flood and the Dawn of Civilization

by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, Fair Winds Press (2001)